Martz Group Return To Service

Martz Group plans to resume service on limited schedules for essential workers on May 11, according to Martz Group President Scott M. Henry. Affected schedules include Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia, Delaware Water Gap, Mount Pocono, and Port Authority. Martz service from Wilkes-Barre and Scranton will only operate into Philadelphia and will not include service to New York.

“As Pennsylvania and surrounding states begin to reopen, we will be taking a thoughtful and measured approach to proudly begin transporting essential workers to and from their places of business. Our long-time, loyal customers have trusted us with their commute for years, and we’re pleased to announce that we will resume this service for our valued friends and neighbors in a safe and responsible way,” said John Henry, corporate safety director for Martz Group. “During our voluntary pause in service, we devoted our efforts to increased safety measures for our customers and staff. We welcome the privilege of helping people in our community return to a sense of normalcy.”

To protect customers and staff, Martz Group is implementing the following practices:

  • All coaches will be deep cleaned several times a day, prior to and after each trip. All coaches will be sanitized with a disinfecting “fog” machine during this process.
  • Physical distancing must be observed in terminal and ticket areas, as well as on the coach. Seating will be staggered throughout the coach to practice physical distancing, and coaches will be limited to 14 passengers or fewer.
  • Customers and drivers will be provided with hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the coach. Hand sanitizer will also be available on board the coach.
  • Drivers will be given FDA-approved protective masks and gloves. Passengers must wear their own protective masks while on board. Both drivers and passengers must wear personal protective products for the duration of the trip.
  • Boarding procedures will respect physical distancing and will direct passenger flow, ensuring a controlled exit.
  • All employees will have their temperatures taken at the beginning of each day; drivers’ temperatures will be taken before each trip. Martz Group employees who experience high temperatures will be sent home.
  • Online and mobile ticketing will be used for contactless interaction.

Mr. Scott Henry underscored the company’s dedication to customer safety. “Our highest priority is safety. To protect our customers and staff, we will implement measures that exceed recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” he stated. “Hundreds of front-line workers rely on our service to bring them safely to and from jobs that cannot be done from home. We’re prepared to help them get back to work in a safe and responsible way.”

Martz Group has already received national attention for its early adoption and use of electrostatic disinfecting sprayers in their cleaning process. In addition, Martz Group has worked with Motor Coach Industries, the Des Plaines, IL-based manufacturer of its coach fleet, to develop an innovative, enhanced air filtration system that utilizes ultraviolet light to reduce viruses, bacteria and mold by up to 99.9% in the air and on the HVAC coil. This technology, which Martz plans to install on its buses, will also assist in building ridership confidence as service returns. “Martz has been a leader in motorcoach and transportation innovation for over a century,” Mr. Scott Henry said. “We’re excited to work with our friends at MCI to find innovative and creative solutions for our customers.”

MCI and its sister company, NFI Parts, collaborators on the added air filtration technology, are proud of their longstanding relationship with Martz, one of the leading operators in the motor coach and transportation industries. “Longtime partnerships and collaboration with companies like Martz helps keep MCI and our customers on the leading edge of developments and ensures motorcoach transportation remains among the safest modes of transportation,” said Brent Maitland, MCI vice president of marketing, product planning and pre-owned coaches.

Last week, Governor Tom Wolf announced plans to begin reopening Pennsylvania’s economy in a phased, regional approach. While it has not been announced when each region of the state will begin to reopen, Martz plans to resume limited service only for essential employees under its designation as an essential, life-sustaining business in both Pennsylvania and New York.

For customer service inquiries, please call 570-821-3838. No date has been set to resume leisure travel.

Social Distancing and Safety Measures to Resume Operations

  • Online Ticket Purchases For A No-Contact Interaction

  • Face Masks/Coverings

  • Driver Health and Protection

    • All Martz employees, including drivers, will be temperature screened at the start of each day. Any employee with a temperature over 100.4 will be asked to go home.
    • All drivers will be provided an FDA-approved surgical mask which must be worn at all times. Gloves will be given to drivers each day along with access to hand sanitizer.
  • Practice Social Distance In Terminals

    • When arriving at one of our terminals, we ask all customers to practice social distancing. To help with this, we have removed access to all seating areas within our terminals, closed off non-essential areas, and placed visual cues 6 feet apart at the customer service window.
    • Markers have been placed every 6 feet to help customers remain a safe distance while boarding the coach.
    • Masks will be required for all customers entering our terminals.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations

    • Hand sanitizer stations will be made available for all customers as they board the coach.
    • Trash receptacles will also be available for customers to discard any garbage they might have before boarding the coach.
  • Limited Seating Capacity On Every Coach

  • Social Distance While Exiting The Coach

    Upon arrival, customers seated in the front of the coach will be asked to exit first and maintain 6 feet of distance while exiting.

  • Mid-Day Cleaning

    • In addition to our daily deep clean, all coaches will be sanitized after each run during the day with a disinfecting fog machine.
    • Drivers and porters will be equipped with cleaning products to clean the bus during runs.
  • Posters For Reminders At All Terminals And In Coach

    To help customers and team members remember best practices, informative posters and visuals will be posted at all terminals and on the interior of each coach.


The Martz Group, as a provider of essential transportation services in the transit industry, is considered a life sustaining business which is currently allowed to operate under Governor Wolf’s order. We voluntarily paused our service to help with the initial surge of cases expected in hospitals. We have taken this time to put in additional safety measures to safely resume operations.

Each coach goes through a thorough deep clean every night. In addition to our daily deep clean, each coach is being fogged and sanitized in-between every run after passengers exit.

Yes. We are following and incorporating the CDC guidelines for our service along with various other social distancing measures of our own. Here is a link to the CDC guidelines.

After a voluntary pause to our service, we have implemented additional safety measures to properly accommodate our passengers. We offer an essential service to thousands of individuals in our communities and feel it is our duty to begin serving them again in a safe and responsible manner.

We will not be taking temperature checks of customers and will require masks to be worn.

Yes. We are requiring our drivers and customers to wear a PPE mask or proper face covering.

Yes. We will have limited seating capacity.